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Scarto is a three player game played with a 78 card tarot deck Tarocco Piemontese. t consists of 78 cards: a trump suit of 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21, and four 14-card suits of swords (spade), batons (bastoni), cups (coppe), and coins (denari).

The order of the trumps is:
the Angel "l'angelo" (20),
the World "il mondo" (21),
the Sun "il sole" (19),
the Moon "la luna" (18),
the Star "le stelle" (17),
the Tower "la torre" (16),
the Devil "il diavolo" (15),
Temperance "la temperenza" (14),
Death "la morte" (13),
the Hanged Man "l'appeso" (12),
Strength "la forza" (11),
the Wheel of Fortune "rota di fortuna" (10),
the Hermit "l'eremita" (9),
Justice "la giustizia" (8),
the Chariot "il carro" (7),
the Lovers "gli amanti" (6),
the Pope "il papa" (5),
the Emperor "l'imperatore" (4),
the Empress "l'imperatrice" (3),
the Popess "la papessa" (2),
the Pagat "il bagatto" (1).

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